Monday, April 28, 2008

Mesmerizing beauty of nature.

This is my very first blog,so I am bit ambiguous about what topic to start with and where to start.
Let me explain the way I am engulfed by the beauty of nature in my present place, Springfield, Illinois, USA. I moved from Arizona State(a desert with lots of cactus, a dry place) to Springfield(a very romantic place) in May 2007.Since I am a nature lover, I feel that I am in the right place.In the spring, watching the leaves sprouting from the branches and periodically changing the colors is beautiful.I just stop by each tree and watch it mesmerized.In the summer,plants ,trees ,grass,corn fields can be found in different shades of green color. Each tree is decorated with colorful flowers.All this makes one feel good and light inside. In the fall though all the leaves turn reddish and shed finally, there is nothing to be disappointed because there are snowflakes to engage a person and entertain.

Hoping to improve my english and present my ideas in a better way in the upcoming blogs . Comments appreciated.