Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Incidental accident.

The other day I finished my job ,was crossing the intersection(4 way), as usual watching all that
was happening around me, the vehicles moving in a rapid speed,the world's hustle bustle,
enjoying the pleasant weather.I had to stop on the pavement for the stop sign, I noticed a
young lady walking so fast and confidently towards me,she happened to almost collide
me and stumbled there for few seconds.I started giving the directions but I could see them
lurking(unnoticed).She herself figured out the pavement she had to take and went on
fast,confidently again.I was thoroughly surprised and started moving after watching the walk
sign.Words " I am lucky to have eyes " started lingering in my mind ......... that young lady is disabled(blind) and was with a guiding stick in her hand(I think she was counting the foot steps to take the turns whereever needed).

Friday, September 12, 2008

ప్రకృతి పడుచు (Nature lady)

ఇ౦తటి అ౦దాన్ని చూసాక మూగబోయిన మనస్సు కూడా రాగాలు తీయక మానునా.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good idea

From long back the idea of rendering social service has been in my mind.Sometimes thinking about the under privileged people makes me extremely emotional and gives me sleepless nights.Today I made a decision to keep $10(though this will be a drop in an expected ocean) apart every month for "Social Service".I will cut down all my unnecessary expenditure.I will donate this money to the reasonably needy people or will use for the appropriate cause. This idea itself is exciting and making me float, I think I will be flying if I start helping others.

So please guys , you also give a thought to it.

We are privileged enough.

This 10 year old boy earns Rs. 25 a day by driving that plastic filled vehicle to a plastic recycling company. We are lucky to have a rosy path laid out by our family members.

We are gifted.

Nick is born with no arms and legs, has a small left foot with 2 toes(which he uses for computer typing). How blessed we are to have all the body parts in the perfect place and functioning.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ముగ్దమనోహర౦ తరుణి రూప౦ ,అ౦ద౦.

చీకటిని తలపి౦చే నల్లని , పొడువైన , వత్తైన , పట్టు శిరోజాలు ; కమల రేకుల వ౦టి విశాలమైన గు౦డ్రటి కళ్ళు ; స౦పె౦గ పువ్వు ముక్కు ; పాల బుగ్గలు ; దొ౦డ ప౦డు లా౦టి ఎర్రటి పెదాలు ; తేనలూరే మాటలు ; ముత్యాలు రాలే నవ్వు ; శ౦ఖ౦ మెడ ; స్వచ్హమైన , నిర్మలమైన హృదయ౦ ; గ౦థ౦లా పరిమలి౦చు మేని ; గులాబి లా౦టి మేనిర౦గు ; కనీ కనిపి౦చని వయ్యారమైన నడుము ; హొయలొలికి౦చు నడక ..........ఇ౦కా ఎన్నో ఎన్నెనో.

How beautiful the creation is!

Sometimes a wave of happiness and surprise sweeps me completely off the ground, when I think of the way the human body works,the way each and every part of the body from top to toe coordinates with each other,development of the baby inside the mother's womb,rising and setting of the sun,appearance of the moon only in the night time,this manner the list goes on and on.When it comes to the thought of "presence of God" I am entirely neutral as of now. So I wonder who could have created this amazing world and Life.

Chiranjeevi's PrajaRajyam

Chiranjeevi,the Mega star,the all rounder,the well known actor,has finally made his debut into politics.People feel that he is a ray of hope,expecting him to change their lives.Hope he does atleast a pinch of it when he is given an opportunity.His speeches sound good and are thought evoking.Lets keep our fingers crossed till the elections are done.May the best party win.I wish even India grows up tad by tad and finally shapes up much like the USA.