Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Incidental accident.

The other day I finished my job ,was crossing the intersection(4 way), as usual watching all that
was happening around me, the vehicles moving in a rapid speed,the world's hustle bustle,
enjoying the pleasant weather.I had to stop on the pavement for the stop sign, I noticed a
young lady walking so fast and confidently towards me,she happened to almost collide
me and stumbled there for few seconds.I started giving the directions but I could see them
lurking(unnoticed).She herself figured out the pavement she had to take and went on
fast,confidently again.I was thoroughly surprised and started moving after watching the walk
sign.Words " I am lucky to have eyes " started lingering in my mind ......... that young lady is disabled(blind) and was with a guiding stick in her hand(I think she was counting the foot steps to take the turns whereever needed).

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